Tillage Sunn Warm Season Legume

Tillage Sunn™ Warm Season Legume

Tillage Sunn™
Tillage Sunn™

Tillage Sunn™ is a high quality Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria Juncea), the warm season legume proven to generate significant amounts of nitrogen (up to 140 pounds of N per acre, depending on conditions) and add 5,000 pounds or more of biomass within about 60 days.*

Tillage Sunn™ also increases soil organic matter, grows in low fertility sandy soils, and does not harbor most types of nematodes most destructive to crops in North America, generally found in sandy soils in Southern growing regions.

Tillage Sunn™ loves heat and tolerates dry conditions with a narrow planting window of 8 to 12 weeks of frost-free growth conditions. It grows rapidly and achieves economic value as a cover crop in about 60 days. Tillage Sunn™ is killed by the first frost, and can be controlled with chemicals, flail mowing or rolling. 

* Results may vary by planting condition, soil type and plant hardiness zone. Ask for our university test results showing nitrogen production up to 120 pounds / acre, based on conditions.

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