Tillage Radish®

Tillage Radish

Unique, Exclusive Genetics Specifically Selected for Use as a Cover Crop 

Tillage Radish® is one of the few products commercialized specifically as a cover crop because of its performance during 10+ years of screening. It’s a good choice for those with little or no experience in growing cover crops. 

Tillage Radish
Tillage Radish Product of the Year
Tillage Radish

Tillage Radish® may be the single most beneficial cover crop ever developed.

Over 10 years of university research and on-farm testing prove the remarkable facts. When Tillage Radish® is used as a cover crop ahead of cash crops, the following results have been recorded and reported.

The cover crop radish that pays you back!

  • Corn yields are up 11%.
  • Soybean yields are up 10%.
  • Winter wheat yields are up from 5 to 12 bushels per acre* 
  • * Depending on conditions and when planted with winter wheat

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It's the taproot!

The superior genetics behind this amazingly aggressive brassica taproot are found only in the Tillage Radish®. No other cover crop radish has a taproot that drills through compaction like it's not even there.

In fact, that's how this amazing cover crop got its name. It drills down where steel cannot reach, it tills the soil naturally and better than any tillage equipment possibly can.

  • Easy to plant, reaching full growth within 30 days
  • Taproot typically reaches over 30" – deeper depending on soil and planting conditions
  • Drills through soil compaction thatstops other cover crops cold
  • Soaks up N, P, Ca and other key soil nutrients
  • Winter kills when temperatures reach mid teens for a couple nights
  • Rapid spring decay results in massive soil voids for air and water movement
  • Spring soil warms up and dries quickly for better planting conditions
  • Improves drainage and air movement
  • Helps suppress nematodes
  • Attracts earthworms like a magnet
  • Shades out winter annual weeds with dense foliage cover
  • Plant-available N released during radish decay
  • N, P, Ca available when new plant seeds need it most
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